Phlebiopsis gigantea
Stereum ostrea
Galzinia incrustans
Hymenochaetopsis olivacea

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My name is Alden Dirks and I am the creator of CrustFungi.Com. Check out my personal website here to learn more about what I have going on as a mycologist. As is true for all mycology, this site is a work in progress and will never be "complete". However, CrustFungi.Com in particular is still early in its development (19 species profiles and counting). As the owner of this much coveted domain name, though, I recognize my responsibility to make something respectable out of it so that crust fungi finally receive the acclaim that they deserve.

Little attention is paid to crust fungi despite their enormous ecological importance as decayers and symbionts. Learn more about this diverse group fungi in the Introduction. If you have a crust of your own to identify, try your hand at the Synoptic Key. The species of crust fungi treated on this website can be browsed under Species. When you come across terms that are new to you, make sure to check out the Glossary. Finally, it can be hard to access scientific literature outside of academia so I've done my best to include articles that I cite in Literature.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me here. I especially welcome any constructive feedback, notices of any errors or broken pages, and suggestions on new species or terms you'd like to see on the website.

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New content on Xenasmatella sp. 'sublividus'

NEW: Xenasmatella sp. 'sublividus' (October 17, 2022).

Updated content on Vararia investiens

UPDATED: Vararia investiens (August 11, 2022).

NEW: Key to Byssocorticium (July 18, 2022).

New content on Byssocorticium pulchrum

NEW: Byssocorticium pulchrum (July 17, 2022).

Updated content on Byssocorticium atrovirens

UPDATED: Byssocorticium atrovirens (July 17, 2022).

Updated content on Xenasma praeteritum

UPDATED: Xenasma praeteritum (December 24, 2021).

New content on Tubulicrinis accedens

UPDATED: Tubulicrinis accedens (December 10, 2021).

Updated content on Ceriporia spissa

UPDATED: Ceriporia spissa (August 25, 2021).

Updated content on Vararia investiens

UPDATED: Vararia investiens (August 25, 2021).

Updated content on Protomerulius minor

UPDATED: Protomerulius minor (August 25, 2021).

New content on Xenasma praeteritum

NEW: Trechispora stellulata (June 7, 2021).

New content on Tomentella ferruginea

NEW: Tomentella ferruginea (March 9, 2021).