Key to Byssocorticium


Byssocorticium is a genus in the family Byssocorticiaceae, order Atheliales. Their basidiomata are characterized by a bluish coloration and an even hymenophore with a thin construction and a byssoid to pellicular texture. Microscopically, they are monomitic, with simple septa or clamp connections. The subicular hyphae branch at right angles. Cystidia are absent. Basidia are more or less clavate, sometimes with lipid contents. The basidiospores are typically globose to subglobose, sometimes broadly ellipsoid, navicular, or tapered; smooth, inamyloid, and indextrinoid. While widely documented on platforms such as iNaturalist, Byssocorticium is rarely collected and even less frequently sequenced. Species are distinguished by basidiocarp color, the presence of clamp connections, and spore size.

Accepted Species

  1. Byssocorticium atrovirens
  2. Byssocorticium caeruleum
  3. Byssocorticium californicum
  4. Byssocorticium efibulatum
  5. Byssocorticium naviculare
  6. Byssocorticium neomexicanum
  7. Byssocorticium pulchrum

Dichotomous Key

1. Clamps present 2

1. Clamps absent 3

2. Spores 3–4 µm in diameter B. atrovirens

2. Spores 5–6 µm in diameter B. pulchrum

3. Basidiocarp greyish blue or greyish violaceous, spores tapering at both ends, 5.0–7.0 µm ✕ 2.5–3.5 µm B. neomexicanum

3. Basidiocarp a different shade of blue (including greenish blue) 4

4. Spores navicular, thick-walled, 6.0–6.5 µm ✕ 3.0–3.25 µm B. naviculare

4. Spores smaller 5

5. Spores globose to subglobose, 4.5–5.5 µm in diameter B. caeruleum

5. Spores smaller 6

6. Spores globose to subglobose, 3.5–4.0 µm in diameter B. efibulatum

6. Spores broadly ellipsoid, 3.5–4.2 ✕ 2.5–3.2 µm B. californicum


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